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Josh Folmer #55


Josh Folmer #55

What is your earliest memory of skating? Skating with my Nana when I was 3 at Baierl.

Favorite inspirational quote?  “Who’s gonna carry the boats”

Who has most influenced you?  Why?  My brother. Joe is my best friend and I wouldn’t be who I am without him. Love the guy.

What are 3 songs on your playlist that get you focused before a game?  If I Can Dream - Elvis, Eye of The Tiger-Survivor, Stay- Post Malone.

What's your favorite celebration move?  Canoe

What is your favorite sports movie?  Happy Gilmore

What is your favorite pre-game meal?  Chinese Food - Amazing Chicken

Any special tradition you have before games? Praying With Connolly.

Who is your favorite PR teacher?  Mrs. Walker (English).  She really cares about all of her students and makes sure everyone is ok.

What are your future plans after graduation?  Go to Ohio University and study entrepreneurship.

Do you plan to continue playing hockey after graduation?  Yes

What is some advice you have for current and future hockey players?  Trust the process. 

What is your favorite subject in school?  Study Hall 

What is your best PR Hockey memory?  Any team breakfast/dinner.

If a movie was made about your life what actor would you like to portray you?  Yung Gravy

Would you like to say anything else to your teammates, coaches, family, etc.  Thank you to my parents, friends, girlfriend, and Tom Mooney for always believing in me.